First blog post

I am embarking on to this journey with something i wrote about,


Take me back to beginnings because beginnings are always beautiful. Aimndoc


Hey Ama(mother),

I wish you were here today, it’s been almost a year to your departure, now that you have been gone it’s been a while i am missing how your touch felt, how your hands caressed my hair, how your words sounded.
We have many pictures together but not a single one of those is same as your bodily presence.
Ps. You will always remain temple of my solace in this world full of worries. Aimndoc

​Halt a bit it ain’t over yet my dears,

Simply nothing come without bit of misery,

If your path has more adventures to offer be certain about one that you will lead to some place better than your present one, 

Each luxury has suffering written on back of it,

Each suffering has has luxury written on it’s rear,

You just need to wait until it is your turn of flipping over to other side be it ache or affluence you will survive to the end, you will endure until you get your grail. Aimndoc

​I wonder,

Why are we numb to pain of others? is it expectant of human nature?  Is it an innate error we were born with?! All the times my head keeps wondering,  were we born that way or we have insensated our selves to merciless happenings of destiny?! So is it normal to develop this immense immunity against all the pitiless pitfalls of life?! Is it so essential to emerge as drugged grown-up?! Aimndoc 

We are human and we don’t give up, 

I can not give up cos I am human n my breath is symbol of my survival as long as I survive I  will struggle ones more to get back everything I had before that Strom shook my life. I will not give up till my heart is beating I will achieve what I had before, but yet I can not have my beloved souls back with me but I will not give up cos I am a human. We are human and we don’t give up. Aimndoc

​Ways of 21th century

Spectacles hoisted on bridge of our noses, our eyes have unbearable urge to catch up with screens we possess, our rears planted to cosy couches sporting gadgets we have 😉 oh dear how well you know us,  our eyes toil more than our body will do in lifetime and yes we are torch bearers of possibilities we are mostly the youth of 21st century. Aimndoc